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Fast Track Education

Investigation of Tragedy of the Commons in the education system. Developed a dystopia inspired fast track education system based in the future, to highlight the current issue we are developing within our education system.

Key skills used:

UX, UI, Research, After Effects, Video

What is the problem?

Most people would agree that overwhelming kids with education can have a negative effect on their well being. However, few would do anything about it, especially when it relates to how failure is taught incorrectly within our social norm.

With Haste, I highlight the issues by exaggerating them through a dystopian scenario where you have access to education anywhere you go but it is entirely driven by conserving time and pushing you towards learning all the content as quickly as possible and regurgitating it during an examination, just enough to pass. Time is a form of currency within the app, enticing users to gamify the experience through microtransactions, providing wealthier students with the ability to excel quicker.

The premise of the ideas is that people in this education system don't learn anything valuable out of their experience other than being able to regurgitate information better. While the ability to learn from culture, history and positive failure is stripped away. 

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Haste application

Haste application prototype was built in Adobe XD with a tablet format being prioritized for a better learning experience. The app has an extensive tutorial section to introduce new users to a new way of learning, as it has some new a slightly new structure most users might not be familiar with. 

It is a simple and straight forward structure that would allow users to navigate through the application once slightly familiar with it, with ease.

It has an inbuilt transaction platform, to support the monetization of time and progress heavily inspired by the technical structure of Candy Crush, that rewards good progress, but make the education exponentially harder as you level up through the real UK education system tiers.

Video and effects

A video was created to highlight some of the key features behind the idea and to demonstrate a visual perception of how this application may look like in the not so distant future. 

Some of the scenes were created using after effects to enhance the futuristic visual by mapping the Haste application on top of physical objects in the video. The main prop was an A4 sheet of clear acrylic that was meant to signify a physical notebook experience people would use to interact with the app.

This was a lengthy and difficult process, as these were my first attempts at mapping out visuals on to moving scenes, especially those that also had hand gesture interaction.

The end result is a video that demonstrates some of the internal application features and a brief explanation behind the Tragedy Of The Commons.  

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